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Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcons are large falcons with long, pointed wings and a long tail. Males are smaller than the female. These birds are blue-gray above with barred under parts and a dark head. These Falcons mostly eat birds like shorebirds, ducks, pigeons, bats and gulls. They typically dive and catch their prey from above. These birds are known to be one of the fastest flying birds.

The word “peregrine” means wanderer or pilgrim which is an appropriate name for this falcon since it occurs all over the world. In North America, Peregrine Falcons can be found nesting on open landscapes with cliffs or at high elevations. During migration, they can be found along barrier islands, mudflats, coastlines, or lake edges.

The Peregrine Falcon was listed as an endangered species in 1970 due to drastic and rapid population declines. It was recently removed from the endangered species list, but is still considered to be a species of concern since it is one of the most prized birds among hunters.