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Mangrove Rivulus

Mangrove rivulus are small, slender, dark brown to green in color with speckles of orange and black. They are amphibious fish, meaning that they can survive on land as well as in water. Their small, rounded fins propel them through the water and their tail fin helps them to flip on land. These tiny fish are typically found in mangrove forests, particularly in stagnant pools. These tiny fish mainly eat smaller fish, crabs, snails and worms. Mangrove rivulus are found throughout the Caribbean and along the coast of central and south Florida.

Mangrove rivulus are listed as a Species of Concern by the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service due to vulnerability to habitat degradation and alteration, development and mosquito control impoundment construction. The primary predators of mangrove rivulus are birds and mangrove water snakes.