Mission & Vision: Body Copy

We applaud the efforts and the collaboration of the partners forming the Salt River Bay Marine Research and Education Center (MREC) and their vision to create a World Class, sustainable marine laboratory in the United States Virgin Islands. However, their choice of location for the development of this facility would mean the destruction of one of the most valuable historical, ecological, cultural and environmental areas in the US Virgin Islands.

Our mission is to educate the public, private and government sectors on the contradictions in vision and purpose currently proposed for this project. The planned site is Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve. As part of the National Park Service (NPS) and a designated protected National Natural Landmark, this land was recognized for its outstanding biological and geological resources, regardless of landownership type. As a national landmark, it was selected for its outstanding condition, illustrative value, rarity, diversity, and value to science and education.

“St. Croix residents, businesses, government, expatriates, tourists, scientists, environmentalists, marine biologists, historians and archeologists should all play an active role in determining the fate of Salt River Bay.”
Building on this site would destroy all of this. Our mission is to illustrate the contradictions and the issues at stake, and suggest alternative locations or considerations before irrevocable damage happens to this significant national treasure. We believe that the MREC program could bring economic development to the island of St. Croix and stimulate other areas of scientific and cultural interest if developed on land where they will not be destroying the very essence of what the MREC and NPS are entrusted to protect.

We invite you to tour this site so that you may become better informed about what is taking place behind the scenes, with little public awareness or involvement, and ask that if you share our beliefs that Salt River Bay needs to be saved and the MREC project should be relocated elsewhere on the island, to please take advantage of our petition or sample letters that you can send to elected officials and key stakeholders to oppose this site development, and have your voice heard for alternative MREC site locations!

Thank you for your interest in saving Salt River Bay and protecting our past and our future in St. Croix.