Benefits to the Community

  1. Infusing the town with a continuous rotation of 200-300 people a year would create an unprecedented economic boom. Not only would this support the struggling downtown businesses, it would attract many others to invest and set up shop. More shops and restaurants would benefit the community twofold by creating more jobs and sources for income, as well as more shopping and dining choices to enjoy.
  2. With the influx of people and shops downtown, a renaissance would occur here on the island. Local people and visitors would be more encouraged to enjoy the downtown.
  3. The aesthetics of the downtown would receive a major boost with the occupation and restoration of some of the abundant, currently abandoned, private and public buildings throughout the town and between the fort and Gallows Bay.
  4. With increased presence and prosperity comes increased security and safety.
  5. If located in the town, the artifacts museum, the wet labs, and the educational displays of the MREC would be much more accessible and thereby enjoyed by the locals, students, and tourists on a much grander scale.
  6. Having the researchers and students of the MREC live and work among the people of St. Croix would enrich the society in many wonderful ways, not the least of which would be providing our children with living role models representing the values and benefits of higher education and occupations in science and other technological fields.
  7. The preservation and promotion of the historical buildings downtown would take on a new level of importance.
  8. Enriching Christiansted town in the ways outlined above would attract more tourism and investment to the island including fruition of development plans for Gallows Bay as a mega yacht or cruise ship port. There is also great potential for attracting additional research and educational institutions in other fields of study, possibly including a College of Art to enhance St. Croix’s already vibrant artists’ community.
  9. Promote the introduction of sustainable living practices within an urban setting and the preservation of our precious environment and the species that live in it. The best way to look to the future of our island is not by paving over paradise to make way for development, but rather by preserving that which makes us truly rich, the magnificent beauty of our natural landscapes and the health of our waters. Moreover, the town location would reduce the likelihood of site and program abandonment in the event of damage by a hurricane.