Benefits to MREC Students

  1. Instead of being stranded without transportation 8 miles (or 20 minutes) away from town, stores, and services, without any form of accessible public transportation, students would have access to a thriving historic port town complete with shops, art galleries, museums, restaurants, and nightlife, making the student experience that much more enjoyable, enriching, and attractive.
  2. Instead of being cloistered in an isolated campus, the students would have the educational benefit of immersion in local Caribbean culture. For most students, this will be their first exposure to another culture.
  3. Greater visibility and presence, reinforcing the importance of the program and the prestige of the students’ opportunity to participate in it.
  4. Easy walking access to taxis, public buses and the seaplane as well as recreational, cultural, and social activities.
  5. Parents and friends would be encouraged to visit as they would be able to stay in nearby downtown hotels, enjoy local visitor activities and conveniently visit with the students in their free time.
  6. Proximity to the activities and programs of World Ocean School (Roseway) and other educational maritime resources.
  7. Proximity to a host of community, non-profit and NPS educational and volunteer opportunities.