Benefit to the University Partners

  1. The esteem of investing in and creating a sustainable program that is loved and cherished by the people of St. Croix, enriching the island without sacrificing culturally and naturally significant public park land or limiting its public use.
  2. Increased sustainability for the program: the program will succeed because it will be so popular with students, researchers, and the local community. The better the island, the more attractive it will be for others to come here. Placing MREC in a revitalized Christiansted would allow the universities to offer a more rounded and fulfilling experience to students.
  3. The current availability of reasonably prime real estate provides a previously unrealized opportunity to invest in the island. Thus the universities could actually own the buildings they are paying for and managing. Hotels currently for sale in town could easily be adapted for dorm and faculty housing.
  4. Economically, the Christiansted location is far superior. Renovation of pre-existing hurricane-ready structures and use of established infrastructure would drastically reduce development costs. Simply eliminating the need to build a long road to reach the site would save millions of dollars alone.
  5. By far the smartest investment for the future. The buildings would become much more valuable over time.
  6. Greater opportunity for expansion and the continuation of the project into the distant future, without the 40 year limited commitment.
  7. Located downtown, the MREC could seriously become a world-class research facility, attracting visitors from around the world. In part, the program would owe its success to the high visibility and free PR of being located downtown.