MREC Overview

The Salt River Bay Marine Research and Education Center (MREC) is proposed to be a world-class, sustainable facility with programs featuring collaborative marine research, Caribbean studies, history, archeology, and other related fields.
  • Through research, the partners in building the MREC hope to foster understanding, proper management, and public awareness of the importance of coral reefs and other marine ecosystems.
  • Construct the MREC to be passively survivable (includes storm surge and climate change) with a 49 year lifespan.
  • By researching the coral reef system in Salt River Bay, the partnership hopes to address the future of coral reef ecosystems in the Caribbean.
  • Create opportunities to demonstrate emerging technologies in green building design and sustainable energies in the tropics.
  • The MREC aims to reduce the use of fossil fuel, as well as reduce construction impacts on energy use by using local materials and modular construction.